The PPCF “Pani Kristina” is a highly organized modern company producing a wide range of food products meeting the needs of the consumer market, as well as the Ukrainian standard requirements and all European standards at the present stage of its development.

The PPCF “Pani Kristina” has an integrated system of quality and food safety management that meets the requirements of the State Standard of Ukraine ІSО 22000:2007. Thanks to its “process-based approach”, the system covers all possible aspects of the company's operations, providing control at all stages and at any point during the manufacturing, storage, and sales of goods.

The production facility has a well-equipped, physico-chemical and microbiological laboratory, ensuring strict quality and safety of products control, ranging from input raw materials, auxiliary materials, water to finished products.

The company has been regularly modernizing its machinery and increasing the production capacity. The facility is equipped with high-tech machinery from major European manufacturers.



since 2006

Line of aseptic canning of fruits and vegetables, made in Italy, has been installed and is in operation that allows to produce its own high-quality vegetable, fruit puree, tomato paste without preservatives.

At the same time, aseptic raw materials retain all microelements and vitamins of fresh tomatoes and fruits to the maximum, thereby ensuring the work of workshops for the whole year.



since 2008

The production of mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces is carried out on Swiss vacuum production unit “Koruma”, which allows to produce mayonnaise in a closed cycle without access to air, which ultimately determines its high quality.

Mayonnaise, sauces and ketchups are packed on three horizontal packaging machines VOLPAK for the production of stand-up pouches.



in 2009

The company launched the production of tomato paste in 130g laminate tubes on the Italian line. This product in a comfortable, disposable and economic packaging that has been appreciated by consumers.

juices and


from 2012

Our specialists have mastered the production of a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, and fruit & vegetable juices and purees. Usage of a new advanced machinery, own high-quality raw materials, and environmental friendly technologies for production of juices ensures the retention of the most of organic parameters in the finished product, and all the nutrients of fresh vegetables and fruits are also retained.

All juices and purees are filled into the most environment friendly and safe glass containers.


in 2014

Manufacturing of pasta was launched. The most distinguishing feature of the new modern pasta production line is the process of kneading dough under vacuum, followed by double steaming. Such a technology facilitates the production of high-quality pasta that does not spilt while boiling.

Spices and


from 2019

In future plans of enterprise development there are tasks on expansion of assortment and release of new products types, such as seasonings and spices for meat, vegetable and fish dishes; dry fruits and vegetables in new types of packaging.


prompt preparation

in 2019

The enterprise began to produce tomato paste in laminated tubes of 130 g on the production equipment of Italy. The product in a convenient, one-time, economical packaging has been to the liking of consumers.


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